Our story

The bright idea of two of the UK’s most successful female CEOs, Debbie Wosskow of Love Home Swap and Anna Jones of Hearst Magazines, our goal is to make it easy for people looking for help with interior design, personal styling, wellbeing and photography to book personal sessions with the real experts.


Our vision

From finding your perfect work outfit to really committing to that health-kick, producing beautiful photos for your Instagram to transforming your living room, when you get those moments right, you feel it. You really feel it. Without that expert help though, it can be hard to do. A lot of the stylish people you see on social media are getting exactly that. They just keep it hush-hush. We want to open the door to the experts so everyone can enjoy that feeling.


Our Sharestylists

As style-devotees, we’re passionate about supporting the growing community of style & lifestyle experts, and we’re motivated to create new opportunities for their amazing talent. We’re driven to curate a platform that is brimming with the most creative ShareStylists from all sorts of diverse backgrounds who are always, the very best in their fields.